Additional Services

We offer many add-on services here at HMA.



Other Services

Life is hectic—owning a car shouldn’t be. Don’t think of HMA. as just New England’s best Auto Detailing Center. We know how valuable your time is and we can arrange to get almost anything auto related done for you while your vehicle is being detailed. So, next time you need an oil change, or sticker, or new wiper blades, or tune up-think HMA.-all with pick up and delivery available.

Andrews Auto Sales (A division of Detailing Done Right by HMA.)

Looking for a dependable vehicle in the $2,000 to $10,000 range ??

Give us a call with your request.

Our list of vehicles changes weekly. We offer warranties on most vehicles and stand behind your purchase.

If you have a vehicle you would like to sell, call for details on ValuSales. We’ll clean it, store it, show it, and help you sell your car for more money.

The best value for both the seller and buyer of good cars. All our cars are priced below retail.

Headlight Restoration & Polishing:

We can restore your headlights to a “like new” condition providing the hazing has formed on the exterior. (If hazing is on the interior, a new headlight would be needed)
Soon to be law in MA and already in other states, clear headlights are mandatory for to pass your annual car inspection.
Drive safely with clear headlights – click on the thumbnail to see the difference.
Headlight Restoration Salem

Ignition Interlock Devices

Get back on the road legally and safely with an Ignition Interlock.

What is an Ignition Interlock?

An Ignition Interlock is a breath analyzer installed into a vehicle to prevent a person from starting the engine after consuming alcohol.

An Ignition Interlock is a tool to advance public safety, allow revoked or suspended drivers to regain driving privileges and maintain employment, and to assist those individuals who desire to address a drinking problem.

Highest level of Experience
Lifesaver has been the ignition interlock industry leader for 20 years. Our experienced service providers have guided more than 500,000 people through their mandated programs.

Superior Customer Care
Available and responsive 24/7 customer service.

Reliable Easy-to-Use Devices
The Lifesafer FC100 Interlock is the most widely used interlock in the US

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