Charity Car Wash

For many, many years HMA. has donated a section of its self serve car wash for the purpose of raising funds for several different groups. Included in this list is the Salem High School Football, Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse, & Cheerleaders, along with Senior High Class trips, etc. Other groups include Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and non-profit organizations of many types. These groups have “good clean fun” washing cars. HMA. charges a minimal fee.

Groups have raised up to $1,000.00 profit in must a few hours!

HMA. is glad to help out any worthwhile charitable group or organization. Give us a call for information, available dates, and procedure.Call 978-744-4444 for some “good clean charity fund raising fun.”

Please view some photos from our previous Charity Car Wash.

A message about water conservation and professional car washing… From your friends at HMA.

Washing your car at home consumes 80 – 147 gallons of water, according to both U.S. government figures and an independent study by Lycott Environmental Services of Southbridge, MA. This is far greater than the average car used at an automatic car wash. Self-Service washing uses only 10-15 gallons of water per cycle.

Some may argue that leaving your car dirty, or letting the rain wash it, will save the most water. Unfortunately, dirt and acid rain deteriorate auto finishes, which seriously affects the resale value of your vehicle, costing you financial loss.

As a local business and a member of the community, HMA. is concerned about conservation of water. By using new water management technology developed through industry and university research, HMA. uses water with efficiency…There is just NO reason to wash your car at home… you will save money and you will be helping the environment by not letting soap and chemicals go down your local storm drains polluting underground water sources.

Thank you for your continued patronage.

The entire staff of HMA.

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