“How do I know I need an HMA. detailing? And how often should I have my vehicle done”?


If you don’t take care of your vehicle’s CLEAR COAT PAINT FINISH it’s very HARD TO REPAIR!

The warning signs are a little different than yesterday’s conventional paint finish.

“Does your vehicle’s shine dull?”

The sun is the NUMBER ONE environmental enemy in attacking the shine of your vehicle’s paint. The ultraviolet rays produce heat that can reduce the “DURABILITY” of the clear coat finish. Wax and polish films provide a reflective “SHINE BARRIER” between your vehicle’s paint finish and the elements.

By combining our professional experience and proven, professional line of products, HMA. offers you the quality you expect and the services you deserve!

Experts and Auto manufactures recommend that your vehicle is professionally polished and waxed every 4 to 6 months—Why? Because over the past 30 years or so HMA. and other paint sealant companies have experimented with hundreds of different products. There is no produce, regardless of it’s manufactures claims that will truly last longer than 4 to 6 months in the BEST OF CONDITIONS.

With a HMA. detail the elements that create the dull look are carefully removed. This restores the original shine while one of our fine waxes leaves a layer of protection that preserves and enhances the shine.

DON’T FORGET THE INTERIOR OF YOUR CAR! WE GET THE JOB DONE RIGHT BY REMOVING HARMFUL DUST MITES, MOLD, ODORS AND ILLNESS PRODUCING BACTERIA. Keeping the interior of your vehicle clean is very important as well. Sand, mud, salt, and debris can ruin your vehicle’s carpets if not steam cleaned and treated. Leather and vinyl will deteriorate rapidly if it’s not treated with conditioners in order to maintain the value of and enjoyment of your vehicle.


Why should I take my vehicle to HMA.?


At HMA. we strive to provide you with the best that the vehicle industry has to offer. State of the art materials, great personal service and highly trained personnel take pride in producing superior results. HMA. offers you the quality you expect and the service that you deserve.

That’s why HMA. is the acknowledged premier Auto Detailing establishment on the North Shore and beyond.


What is Acid Rain?


Rain and natural moisture combine impurities in the atmosphere to form an acid that can be deposited on your car’s finish. As these acidic puddles dry, they eat away at your car’s finish, spotting & pitting the surface.

Using HMA.’s fine cleaners, in conjunction with our micro advantage & other systems, detail technicians smooth out the uneven finish of the car that acid rain can produce.


What is the difference between an HMA. waxing procedures and others?


Typical polishes contain a large percentage of abrasive materials that may harm today’s finishes, and over time actually remove the paint they’re designed to shine.

HMA. polishes contain a new generation of cleaners & waxes that safely and effectively shine your car’s finish.


What does HMA. do for clear coat finishes?


“Clear coats are fragile and susceptible to scratches, abrasions and swirls. When a clear coat surface is scratched and pitted as a result of not waxing, the light can’t reflect evenly off the surface, which makes the paint look dull.”

Today’s modern finishes consist of a dull layer of paint called A base coat (1) which provides the color. Over this base, a clear layer is applied (2) called a clear coat, which provides the shine And Protection. The Result Is A Two-layered painted surface (3) known as a clear coat finish.

When clear coated finishes become dull they require special attention. Fine surface cleaners and waxes which carefully remove those elements that dull the finish. When the detail is completed your clear-coated finish has been cleaned and restored to its original beauty while being protected from further problems.

If medium to heavy scratches are present HMA. special formula consisting of 3M micro finish and other fine products are needed. The process actually softens the clear coat finish and redistributes it as opposed to grinding it down with heavy abrasives. Our trained technicians leave a brilliant finish leaving it smoother than new.


How do I maintain my newly waxed vehicle done by HMA.?


Man Made and Natural Pollutants in the Air and on the road attack your car’s finish and shine. These elements can ruin your car’s finish if it’s not properly protected. After you have received an HMA. waxing- paint sealant procedure you will be given a more in depth description on how to preserve your vehicle’s paint.

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