Jokes from HMA.

How to identify the driver’s home

..One hand on wheel, one hand on horn: New York

..One hand on wheel, one hand on newspaper, foot solidly on accelerator: Boston

..One hand on wheel, cradling cell phone, brick on accelerator with gun on lap: L.A. California

..Both hands on wheel, eyes shut, both feet on the brake, quivering in terror: Ohio, but driving in L.A. California

..Both hands in air, gesturing, both feet on accelerator, head turned to talk to someone in the back seat: Italy

..One hand on wheel, one knee on wheel, cradling cell phone, foot on brake, mind on game: Seattle

..One hand on wheel, one hand on hunting rifle, alternating both feet on brake & accelerator, throwing a McDonalds bag out the window: Texas city male

..One hand constantly refocusing the rear-view mirror to show hair, both feet on the accelerator & brake, poodle steering the car, chrome .38 revolver with mother-of-pearl inlaid handle in the glove compartment: Texas city female

..Both hands on the steering wheel in a relaxed posture, eyes constantly checking her rear-view mirror to watch for visible emissions from their own or another’s car: Colorado

..One hand on the wheel, a “gesture” out the window: Chicago

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