Self Serve Car Wash

HMA. Self Serve Car Wash

There is no safer, no more economical, no more resource efficient, no more thorough way to clean your car than at a modern hand-wash such as HMA.’s 24/7 self serve car wash.

Why Wash At HMA?

Because for each $1.00 you receive much more for your money.

Here are a dozen other reasons why:

  1. Ideal Hot water temperature combined with highest quality and costly soap gives you superior results. All our other high quality products do a great job as well. Especially with our state of the art water softeners
  2. Up to 8 bays to choose from, providing you with little or no waiting.
  3. l-lot Foam and more of it! Hot Foam from our brushes makes cleaning easier and with better results.
  4. Hot spray wax dries quicker, bonds to your cars surface leaving a better shine.
  5. Triple foam wax is terrific! It’s a great conditioner for your vehicle and leaves your car glowing.
  6. Spot-Free Rinse leaves little or no spotting. (Please follow directions)
  7. Larger Bays for more ‘elbow room‘ to enjoy washing more and to accommodate larger vehicles. (#4 bay is 13 ft. high and has much higher pressure, and more soap per minute.)
  8. Lots of Parking area for drying and detailing.
  9. Friendly Attendant on duty most day light hours, 7 days a week, 356 days a year at our HMA office.
  10. Ten state-of-the-art more powerful vacuums.
  11. Free Car Wash on your birthday along with air freshener, and a $15 gift certificate towards HMA waxing.


Free Vacuum on your birthday, and over $2,000 in prizes awarded to our loyal car wash
customers annually.

A Two Dollar… $2.00 to start car wash

Every day at HMA.

Plus! HMA. tokens can be bought at a discount at our

$5.00 bill: 6 – $1.00 tokens
$10.00 bill: 12 -$1.00 tokens
$20.00 bill: 25 – $1.00 tokens

HMA.’s Self Serve Car Wash

It good clean fun! And an Incredible Value!

Insert $2.00 to start (for just under a minute)

More coins – more time!

To accumulate more time, insert more coins before meter runs out.

(time continues to run in OFF position)

HMA. was the first (or one of the first) self-serve car washes in New England over 45 years ago. The price was 25 cents to start for just soap and rinse. Forty-one (41) years later HMA. is one dollar $2.00 to start plus you have a choice of soap, rinse, hot foaming brush, pre-soak, spray wax,triple foam wax and spot-free rinse!

HMA. Tokens can be used in all our car wash bays, all vacuums and vending machines.


Select “Pre-Soak” and soap vehicle down from bottom to top for 30 seconds to remove loose dirt.


Select “Soap” and go back to where you started, washing from the bottom up. Hold the gun 6″-8″ from the vehicle.


Select “Foam Brush” and scrub entire vehicle thoroughly. Return brush to holder.


Select “Rinse” and apply high pressure water, rinsing the vehicle from top to bottom. Total time 4-8 minutes.

HOT WAX (optional)

Select “Wax” and apply high pressure spray wax, waxing from top to bottom.


Just follow the simple instructions in each bay.


Select “Spot Free” rinse and apply from top to bottom, paying special attention to windows, side view mirrors and chrome. Approximately 1-2 minutes.

You do not have to follow ALL seven steps. You may choose to simply wash, rinse and spot free your vehicle if that’s what you prefer.
On newly HMA.-waxed vehicles, you may want to just rinse and spot free rinse it!

Credit Card Token Purchases
$10.00 worth of HMA tokens for $10.00

21 tokens for $20.00

32 tokens for $30.00

44 tokens for $40.00

Token credit card purchases can provide:

Convenience • Record Keep and Control • Business Write Off

Credit Card Credit Employee Benefits • Gifts or.. USE YOUR IMAGINATION!

HMA. tokens can be used in: WASH BAYS, VACUUMS and VENDING MACHINES

HMA. Car Care Systems

The Feel Good About Your Car Company

Cash Token Purchases – Buy $12.00 worth of HMA Tokens for $10.00

($2.00 FREE) plus a couple of lollypops

The following is a must for proper cleaning and will save you time and money!

Start with the dial set in the “WASH” position and spend 30 seconds going once around the vehicle, in a bottom to top fashion, to get soap working on the dirt. This 30-second “once over” with soap helps loosen up the dirt for easier cleaning.

Then, go back to where you started and begin to really wash your car, either by continuing to use the high-pressure gun (holding the gun 3″ to 8″ from the surface, as though “painting” the dirt off) or by using the bubble brush.

That 30 second “once over” means that the soap will be on your vehical longer. This “dwell” time helps loosen up the dirt for easier cleaning the second time around.

Another important suggestion – After rinsing or spray waxing, spend the last minute or two on Spot free rinse – greatly reduces spotting. If used properly we know you will be pleased with the results.

Please! – If you are unfamiliar with our facility don’t hesitate to ask for help.

We are here to serve you. Attendant on duty most daylight hours, 365 days a year.

A Message About Water Conservation and Professional Car Washing… From Your Friends at HMA.

Washing your car at home consumes 80 – 147 gallons of water, according to both U.S. government figures and an independent study by Lycott Environmental Services of Southbridge, MA. This is far greater than the average car used at an automatic car wash. Self-Service washing uses only 10-15 gallons of water per cycle.

Some may argue that leaving your car dirty, or letting the rain wash it, will save the most water. Unfortunately, dirt and acid rain deteriorate auto finishes, which seriously affects the resale value of your vehicle, costing you financial loss.

As a local business and a member of the community, HMA. is concerned about conservation of water. By using new water management technology developed through industry and university research, HMA. uses water with efficiency…There is just NO reason to wash your car at home… you will save money and you will be helping the environment by not letting soap and chemicals go down your local storm drains polluting underground water sources.

Thank you for your continued patronage.

The entire staff of HMA.

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